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Studio.89, a popular community hub in Mississauga receives generous donation from Alkhayyat Foundation Canada

Mississauga, Ontario: Studio.89, a popular community space and cafe located in East Mississauga has received a generous donation of $60,000 from Alkhayyat Foundation Canada which will enable them to keep their doors open and continue serving the community through providing free event space and arts and educational programming.

Alkhayyat Foundation Canada is an international non-profit foundation founded by Mr. Moutaz Alkhayyat. It provides monetary and in-kind funding to organizations working to support and uplift individuals from vulnerable and underserved groups. Studio.89's work around community empowerment and skills training strongly aligns with Alkhayyat Foundation's mandate of serving and uplifting through providing access, education and opportunity.

Studio.89's 2018 programming plan includes new opportunities for underrepresented women and youth to acquire skills training and mentorship through the cafe operations. While still focusing heavily on arts and educational initiatives, formalized skills training enables the dozens of volunteers who come through their doors to acquire essential competencies that prepare them for the workplace and enhance their employment opportunities.

In September 2017, Studio.89 approached Mississauga city council to request support for their space that serves as an essential community hub and enhances Mississauga's cultural landscape. Studio.89 has also been actively seeking financial support from corporate and private funders who value the unique role they play as an incubator, cultural producer, social networking site, civic educator and training centre within the city of Mississauga.

The generous donation by Alkhayyat Foundation Canada will enable Studio.89 to continue its work in the community for the upcoming year.

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