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Agincourt Community Services Association

The Alkhayyat Foundation has provided The Agincourt Community Services Association funding to establish two Programs:



The Syrian Newcomer Project


This is a unique and exciting project that will empower 500 Syrian newcomers to rebuild their lives in Canada; access basic services get financial empowerment support and acquire skills training, certifications and licences to practice an occupation in Ontario.

The project will support over 500 individuals to receive a plethora of trainings and support to assist them to become gainfully employed. Trainings include but not limited to, First Aid-CPR Training, Food Handling, Security Guard training, Accounting Essentials, Interpreter Training, Home Based Childcare, and Hairstyling.



The Womens English Circle (WEC)


Through this program, women are able to develop basic language skills that increase their confidence in integrating into society. Common examples are women are no longer being afraid of going out alone, going to doctors, meeting with their child’s teachers and becoming contributing members of the community.

Through this journey they work with ESL teachers to teach them English, while providing onsite child care services. While half the group learns English, the other half are childminders and then they switch places. Everyone receives equal time learning and practicing English, and they have adopted “it takes a village” motto to care for the children.

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